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TKP is a company of repurposing space for next era.

TKP Corporation was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market on March 27, 2017. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our shareholders and investors for their continued support.

Founded in 2005, TKP is a forerunner in the area of corporate space-sharing. We started business by putting idle real estate to effective use: leasing space from owners, renovating it into conference rooms, and making the rooms available for corporate customers. Since then, we have built up our own nationwide network, and we now provide corporate conference and banquet room spaces in five quality grades. We directly managed 1,905 the total number of conference rooms in Japan, with operations in 6 cities around the world.

Expanding beyond our roots in renting conference rooms, in recent years we have also built up a business of renovating hotel banquet halls. Under the TKP Garden City brand, we provide hotel- quality conference rooms and banquet halls. We also respond to sophisticated customer needs in the food and beverage industry, and offer various optional services. As many conference-goers also require accommodation, we have also begun operating lodging facilities near our conference rooms in major metropolitan areas.
With office prices trending upward in recent years, fewer companies are setting aside large conference areas within their own office spaces. Conversely, the importance of having spaces to foster interpersonal communications is growing. We aim to resolve this dilemma.

From our start in providing rental conference rooms for corporate customers, we regenerate and add value to idle property. As a “company that renovates and redistributes space”, we contribute to society by offering comfortable places, spaces and times.

Now a publicly traded company, we will fulfill our social responsibility under a highly transparent management structure based on market rules. We would like to ask our shareholders and investors for their ongoing guidance and support over the medium to long term.

Takateru Kawano,President, Chief Executive Officer

代表取締役社長 河野 貴輝

TKP Corporation
Takateru Kawano

After graduating from Business School of Keio University in 1996, Mr Kawano joined the stock exchange department of Itochu Corporation. He took part in the foundation of Japan Online Securities Co., Ltd. (present au Kabucom Securities Co., Ltd.). He also served in Ebank Corporation (present Rakuten Bank Ltd.) as Director General Manager of Sales Department.