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Meeting room amount
No.1 in Japan!

「Safety」「close to a station」「convenient」
Operationg rental meeting rooms,co-working, rental offices.

TKP has been developing and improving meeting room rental and other related add-value services since it was founded in 2005.
In 2019, Regus JP joined our company to expand coworking and rental office business.
One of TKP's features is ease of access. Even new guests can find our venues easily near railway stations.
Moreover, our meeting rooms all over Japan, make things like multi-venue events and TV conferences in different areas achievable, meeting any and all of your needs.

Banquet Hall,Meeting Room

TKP provides large conference halls with the most high-end systems, as well as various small meeting rooms of reasonable sizes.

Our TKP's grade variation strategy can fulfill any of your needs.
With your event purpose, scale and budget, we can recommend the most suitable venue in these 5 grades conference centers.

  • CIRQ

    Event hall in the large space where you can hold a variety of events

    Otsuka Furniture Top Floor of Shinjuku Showroom, Access convenient favorable location.

    Used For

    • Events
    • Exhibition
    • Party
    • Ceremony
    • Society
    • General meeting of shareholders
  • Garden City Premium Series

    Luxury Hall Of The Highest Quality

    The multi-functional buildings with the best hospitality.

    Used For

    • Training
    • Shareholder Meeting
    • Exhibition
    • Awards Ceremony
    • Academic Conference
    • Party
  • Garden City Series

    Multi-functional Hall Of The Highest Quality

    Fully equipped with high-end conference systems, the garden city serves you with the best hospitality.

    Used For

    • International Conference
    • Convention
    • Party
    • Academic Conference
    • Exhibition
    • Anniversary Ceremony
  • Conference Center Series

    High Grade Event Space

    There are multi-functional rooms of high quality audio, video and lighting equipment in TKP's conference centers.

    Used For

    • Academic Conference
    • Training
    • Seminar
    • Catering Party
    • Examination
    • Press Conference
  • Business Center Series

    Reasonable Coference Facilities

    Located in convenient areas, the business center has comfortable venues with reasonable prices

    Used For

    • Internal Meeting
    • Staff Training
    • Initiation Ceremony
    • A Ceremony Of Prospective Employees
    • Job Interview
    • Company Information Session
  • Star Rental Meeting Room Series

    Community-based small meeting rooms for daily use

    Community-based Small Meeting Rooms.

    Used For

    • Meeting
    • Regular Meeting
    • Morning Assembly
    • Study Meeting
    • Urgent Meeting
    • Department Meeting

Global Work Place

What works best for you ?
Office, Co-Working, Virtual Office, or Meeting Space

Our network of fully equiped workspaces enables businesses to operate anywhere,without the need for set-up costs or capital investment. It provides our customers with immediate cost benefits and the opportunity to fully outsource their office portfolio. Designed to enhance productivity and connect 2.5 million like-minded professionals,it's an instant global community and a place to belong.

  • Regus

    Flexible use (from an hour to a full day – and more)

    Used For

    • Open up a business,Expand the office space
    • Business addresses in prime locations
    • Open the branch, business office
    • Open the overseas office
    • Project office
    • Work restructuring、promote a Telework