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No.1 in Japan!

Our venues are located near railway stations throughout Japan.
We have also expanded to 4 overseas cities and created a global network.

TKP has been developing and improving meeting room rental and other related add-value services since it was founded in 2005.
One of TKP's features is ease of access. Even new guests can find our venues easily near railway stations.
Moreover, our meeting rooms all over Japan, as well as offices in 4 cities overseas, make things like multi-venue events and
TV conferences in different areas achievable, meeting any and all of your needs.


Hokkaido 110rooms
Tohoku 146rooms
Kanto 970rooms
Tokai 140rooms
Hokuriku/Koushinetsu 50rooms
Kansai 438rooms
Chugoku/Shikoku 112rooms
Kyusyu/Okinawa 147rooms


New York
New Jersey
Hong Kong
※As of May ,2019

TKP will help you choose the most suitable plan for your purpose,
scale and budget.

TKP provides large conference halls with the most high-end systems,
as well as various small meeting rooms of reasonable sizes.

Our TKP's grade variation strategy can fulfill any of your needs.
With your event purpose, scale and budget, we can recommend the most suitable venue in these 5 grades conference centers.