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By providing the right amount of equipment at the right time, our add-value rental service is able to help you cut cost and improve managment efficiency.

  • One-stop Solution Service

    Leading to success

    There is a total of approximately 7,000 items and services for rental such as audio, video & lighting equipment, simultaneous interpretation systems for global TV and teleconference use. We help cut costs and improve communication, as well as provide necessary office machines and furniture for daily use. The items can not only be rented separately, but also a package.

  • Event Production

    You can organize events easily with "Event Cloud Mix"

    Managing budgets, having knowledge of the various components required to deliver the best possible outcome, and being experienced in dealing with unlimited suppliers, material and possible directions the project can take is essential to producing the best result on the day.

  • Medical Society

    TKP Medicalink

    In regard to healthcare and human services: TKP supports academic meetings and develops a system.

  • Operation

    Set up the event venue and operation

    With high quality equipment and professional staff for support, if there is any requirement about setting and operating video, audio and lighting equipment of the venue, please feel free to ask us for help.

  • Simultaneous Interpretation

    Simultaneous Interpretation System

    With the globalization of business, there are more and more conferences and events need a multilingual environment. TKP provides a professional international standard simultaneous interpretation system with a reasonable cost to meet the scale and schedule of your event.

  • Event,Office material

    A wide variety of equipment for rental

    Meeting tables,chaires,projectors and office equipments are available for rent.