Rental Service Business

Seek for the convenience and utilization of the source of the rental service.

Prepare the most suitable facilities and equipment for events and projects.
By providing the necessary amount of equipment at the necessary time, our add-value rental service is able to help you cut cost and improve efficiency of managment.
There are total over 7,000 items for you to find the solution to your problem.

One-stop Rental Service


There are total approximately 7,000 items and services for rental such as audio, video & lighting equipment, simultaneous interpretation system for global use, TV & telephone conference for cutting cost and improving communication, as well as necessary office machine and furniture for daily use.
The items can not only be rented separately, but also be packaged and rented as a one-stop services for the venue setting for projects and events.

ワンストップ レンタルサービス

Simultaneous Interpretation


With the globalization of business, there are more and more conferences and events need a multilingual environment. TKP provides a professional international standard simultaneous interpretation system with a reasonable cost to meet the scale and schedule of your event.


Simultaneous Interpretation Booth・Equipment

Our simultaneous interpretation booth is ISO complaint, using the infrared digital system (BOSCH Integraus etc.) which is widely used for international conferences in the world. The equipment of this system is with a good operability and tonal quality.


Technical Support

Our experienced operator will help you to move-in & out, set and operate the system.

Interpreter Arrangement

Since there are numbers of experienced and professional interpreters for arrangement, total package services can be provided.



With high quality equipment and professional staff for support, if there is any requirement about setting and operating video, audio and lighting equipment of the venue, please feel free to ask us for help.



With high-definition・high resolution video, high quality audio and showy lighting system, it is possible to present a lively and professional show to all the guests.

Techinical Support

Our experienced operator will help you to move-in & out, set and operate the system.


For parties, ceremonies, seminars, exhibitions, CM, PV and even talk shows, we are possible to make a good script for MC and the events, adding value to the hospitality services.

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