Food・Restaurant Operation Business

For providing guests the best dinning experience,
we dedicate to serve everyone the superb cuisine and OMOTENASHI.

TKP started the food business from the supply for catering in meeting rooms, now we are enhancing this self-manufactured business.
For conference catering and reception party, we use various seasonal food to enrich the menu. We will consider your purpose and budget to make the proposal.



Our professional and experienced chefs and service staff are all from high level hotels, providing you the superb cuisine with gorgeous show. We dedicate our heart of OMOTENASHI to propose you various catering and meeting plans to choose.



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We use seasonal food and local popular menu to adopt different needs and order for bento. For the safety and tasty of the dinning experience in meetings, we keep following the most strict food security and quality management.


Tokiwaken Foods

Tokiwaken Foods was established in the year 1923. With over 90 years' history, it inherits the traditional flavor, at the same time advance itself by following modern trends. By actively participating traditional vegetable projects and events, it has left a good image in many of the guests' mind.



Strict food security management



In Sapporo, Yokohama, Chiba, Nagoya and Hakata, there are 15 restaurant opened attached to our conference centers.
During or after the meetings and events, you can have meals and a small rest in the restaurants.

Hokkaido Japanese Restaurant kizuna

北海道 日本料理 みやさか

Nagoya Japanese Restaurant Ise

名古屋 日本料理 伊勢


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