• Representative Director CEOTakateru Kawano

    After graduating from Business School of Keio University in 1996, Mr Kawano joined the stock exchange department of Itochu Corporation. He took part in the foundation of Japan Online Securities Co., Ltd. (present Kabu.com Securities Co., Ltd.). He also served in Ebank Corporation (present Rakuten Bank Ltd.) as Director General Manager of Sales Department.

  • Director COOKoji Nakamura

    Mr. Nakamura graduated from Waseda University School of Political Science and Economics in 1995. Then he joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC. In 2003, he was registered as a Certificated Public Accountant and then joined TKP Corporation in December 2006 in variety of positions, including, Member of Directors, General Manager of Management Departement from 2006 to 2012; Member of Directors, Head of Corporate Planning Office from 2012 to 2013.

  • DirectorHaruo Tsuji

    After graduating from Kansai Gakuin University Faculty of Commerce in 1955,Then he joined Sharp Corporation.In 1986 he became the president of the company and adviser. After that, he became the outside director,NOMURA Holdings, inc.,Nomura Securities Co.,Ltd.,Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd,SEIREN Co.,LTD.He joined our company as Director in May 2015.

  • DirectorKohei Watanabe

    After graduating from Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Economics in 1971. After graduation, he joined ITOCHU Corporation. In 2000, he became its corporate officer and president of the company. He joined our company as Director in May 2015.

  • DirectorTakayuki Hayakawa

    In 1972, he joined Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and became a director of the company in 2006. He also became a president of Ginsen Corporation, Yoei Holding Corporation, and a director of Riken Technos Corporation. He joined our company as Director in May 2017.

  • AuditorYoshinori Sogabe

    Mr. Sogabe graduated from Kyoto University Faculty of Law in 1969. After graduation, he joined the Nippon Credit Bank Limited (present Aozora Bank) and successively held as Head of Sales Department and branch manager. Later on he joined Tokyu Livable Inc.. He Joined TKP Corporation in 2006.

  • AuditorTakanori Shige

    Mr. Shige graduated from Tokyo University Faculty of Law in 1995 and became registered attorney in 1998. Later he joined Motoda Law Office, and at the same time became the instructor of Chuo Universty Law School. He joined our company in 2006.

  • AuditorTaro Hukawa

    After graduating from Rikkyo University in 1996, Mr Hukawa joined Nihon Sogo Bank (Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation). In 1996, he took up a post as financial director of Sakura Bank (Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation), representative executive of the Sakura Servicing Co. Ltd and president of SMBC group companies. He assumed a post as TKP Corporation's auditor in 2006 and as a board director in 2007. But he left the office in 2017. In 2018 he backed TKP Corporation as a auditor.

  • Executive Officer Chief of Business promotion Takuya Okada

    Takuya Okada has served as Executive Officer and Executive Secretary of our company since Jan 2014. Mr. Okada graduated from Tamagawa University Faculty of Management Engineering in 1999, and joined our company in 2007. He became the Head of Sales Department in 2009 and exective officer in 2012. After that, he takes the position of chief of business promotion.

  • Executive Officer Head of Oversea Strategy DepartmentRie Yokoiwa

    After graduating from Gakushuin University Faculty of Arts in 2000, Ms Yokoiwa joined our company in 2006. In 2012, she became the Manager of Planning Department and Executive Officer in the same year.

  • Executive Officer Chief of Real Estate Development DepartmentTatsuaki Kanemitsu

    After graduating from Keio University Faculty of Commerce in 1990. He joined our company in 2008. After that, He takes the position of chief of Real Estate Development Dept and department manager of TKP TKP Property.In 2014, he became a director of Real Estate Development Dept.

  • Executive Officer Chief of Administration ManagerHiroshi Takagi

    Mr.Takagi graduated from Sophia University in 1989.Then he joined Aozora Bank in same year. After that, He joined our company in 2011. He takes the position of administration manager.In 2016, he became a Exective officer of the company.

  • Executive Officer Chief of Sales PromotionHiromichi Kiyota

    After graduating from Seinan Gakuin University Faculty of Commerce in 1990. He joined Recruit Holdings. In 2014, he joined our company and he became a chief of Corporate Development Department.In 2016, he takes the position of sales promotion director. He became a Exective officer in June 2016.