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Train station ads

There were advertising board inside or outside the TKP meeting rooms and halls in Tokyo,Osaka,Nagoya.

publication periodApr.1st,2016~Apr.15,2016

  • Shinjuku station

  • Shibuya station

  • Shinbashi station

There were advertising board EAST JAPAN RAILWAY COMPANY's platform in prime stations.

publication periodJan.14,2016~Jan.30,2016

  • Tokyo station

  • Shinagawa station

  • Akihabara station

  • Shinjuku station

  • Omiya station

Otemachi Tatemono Tamuracho Building(TKP Shinbashi conference center)

  • The outside of a building

  • Closeup

TKP Ichigaya building, roof(TKP Ichigaya conference center)

  • Ichigaya station, Ichigaya bridge

  • Closeup

TG building(TKP Tokyo station Nihongashi conference center)

  • The outside of a building

Keikyu No.10 building(TKP Shinagawa conference center)

  • Shinagawa station

  • Closeup

Toushin Shinanomachi Ekimae building, roof(TKP Shinanomachi business center)

  • Near intersection

  • closeby

Kandeo hotels Chiba(TKP Garden city Chiba)

  • In front of port arena

  • Closeby

TKP gate tower building(TKP Garden city Osakaumeda)

  • The outside of a building

Hukuoka Tenzin center building(TKP Garden city Tenzin)

  • Inside of a station(Video1)

  • Inside of a station(Video2)

  • Aisle in a station

  • Closeby

  • Tenzin station