Message From President

TKP have been pursuing the path to growth by integrating IT and real businesses since our establishment in 2005, mainly in the meeting space/ room rental business and its associated outsourcing business areas.

The businesses that utilize the IT and financial tools are very powerful in generating profits as well as attracting new customers. These tools allow us to break free from limitations in time, space and products etc. and consequently we can design the new business models. The strong growth of the Internet search sites, special link sites, online security brokers and Internet banks gives the proof that the IT and financial tools are established in the whole society.

However, as for the real business area, many people still follow the traditional way of operations in attracting customers and that makes them feel inefficiency as well as the limits of the conventional systems. Under such circumstances, TKP Corporation we started to renovate the existing businesses by creating the new business models based on our own concept of “Integration of IT and real businesses”. 

As a first step, we have achieved the successful launch of the “meeting space/ room network” business by fully utilizing the IT tools. This effective customer attending system enabled us to make a breakthrough in the typical real businesses. Our strong sales capability and the reasonable pricing contribute to many customers for the efficient business cost saving, as well as to the property owners by monetizing their unutilized assets Since the launch in 2005, we have achieved to acquire over 74,500 companies and 1.5 million customers through more than 1,400 meeting rooms. We would like to express our appreciation for all stakeholders for their continued patronage and support.

In addition to this main business, we also continue working hard to expand the service areas toward catering as well as the travel industries obtaining the travel agency license aiming to be more enhanced and comprehensive service provider with the one-stop service available to arrange from the meeting rooms, the catering services to the accommodations. We will continue focusing on the development of potential demands to respond to our customers’ every need by providing them the appropriate solutions. 
We will devote every effort to provide the society a breath of fresh air by designing new business models actively and by implementing various outsourcing businesses going forward. Consequently, we would like to impress all the stakeholders from the customers, the suppliers as well as the business partners. Please do look forward to that. 

Brief Summary of Takateru Kawano

Takateru Kawano is President and Chief Executive Officer of TKP Corporation, the leading company in the meeting space/ room rental business and its associated services. Takateru founded TKP Corporation on August 15th, 2005 and assumed the role of President and CEO. Since then, he achieved a steady growth in the industry by integrating IT tools and real businesses. Prior to that, Takateru took the role of the Board members as well as various managerial positions at eBANK Corporation (current Rakuten Bank) heading the Sales Division. He also played the responsible roles in the set-up project of Japan Online Securities (current Securities Co., Ltd). Takateru started his professional career from Itochu Corporation, a major general trading company, in April 1996. As for the academic background, he attained BA in Business & Commerce at Keio University.
Takateru won the Semi-Finalist Prize Award of EOY (Entrepreneur of The Year) in 2007.

Professional Affiliations:
Member of Finance and Capital Market Committee
Member of Japan Association of Corporate Executives

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