TKP's Response to Covid 19


TKP's Response to Covid 19 - New Measures

TKP's priority is to ensure the safety of our guests. At "Flexible Office" and "Hotel & Overnight Training Resourt", we will implement the following "Three Special Preventitive Measures" and "Gold Standard Covid19 Peveventitive Measures" to ensure safety and avoid the spread of COVID-19. *Depending on the architecture of the venue, we customize the measures accordingly.

1. Essential Daily Measures:

  • ・Daily monitoring of employee health conditions
  • ・Frequent cleaning and sanitization of the facility throuhout the day
  • ・Requirement of all TKP service staff to wear a mask
[Photo: Disinfectant]

2. Fexible Office Measures:

To minimize the risk of spreading the virus, we are following XXX guidelines to decrease density・Ensure facility-wide, on-going ventilation

・Limit occupancy per safety guidelines
・Require 2 meter social distancing

1) Air Purifiers

  • ・Installed air-filtration systems in our Flexible Offices and Conference Rooms
  • ・Provide disinfectant rental: Hypochlorous acid space disinfection deodorizer Giaino also available. Limited supply *Fee
  • ・Seasonally maintained room humidity level
[Photo: Meeting room]

2) Social Distancing Room Setup

  • ・Arrange rooms at capacity for social distancing
  • ・Provide optimal room setup options for social distancing
  • ・Place the closest seats to the speaker's podium 2+ meters apart to ensure social distancing requirements

3) Follow Frequent Ventilation Protocol

  • ・Ensure building ventilation systems operate properly and in compliance with building management regulations, with continuous cleaning and maintainance. In addition, monitor and limit the number of guests per room to ensure sufficient clean air volume per guest.
  • ・Circulate outdoor air regularly by opening windows and doors every 30 minutes.

4) Facility Cleaning & Room Occupancy Limits

  • ・Frequently clean, sanitize and ventilate air in each room
  • ・Frequently clean and sanitize common area
  • ・Sanitize microphones after every event. A confirmation cover ensures sanitization is complete
  • ・Limit floor occupancy by 25% to maintain a socially distant environment (Limited offer)
[Photo: Venue photo]

5) Food & Beverage Service

Eliminate buffet service. New food and beverage service options are as follows:

  • ・Seated and plated service only
  • ・Boxed and bento box menu options
  • ・Bottled and canned drinks only
[Photo: Lunch photo] [Photo: Lunch photo]

6) Optional Services

The following rental services are available upon request:

  • ・Non-contact thermometer (Free)
  • ・Transparent sneeze guard board (Fee)(Limited availability per location)
[Photo: Non-contact thermometer]
[Photo: Face shield]
[Photo: Face shield]
[Photo: Acrylic partition]
[Photo: Splash prevention sheet]

3. Hotel and Resort Overnight Training

1) Check In and Check Out Policy

New standard procedures are as follows. Ishinoya Ryokan: Check in and check out process occurs at each guest room

  • ・Front desk protected with transparent sneeze guard between staff and guests
  • ・Mandatory social distanting in check-in and check-out lines
  • ・Automated self check-in and check-out system to minimize physical contact between staff and guests

2) Dining Regulations

New standard procedures are as follows:

  • ・Dining schedules are created in accordance to the recommended safety occupancy rate per party
  • ・No buffet services. Seated and plated service only.
  • ・Social distanting seating.Transparent sneeze guard between tables and/or specially partitioned area. *All rooms at Ishinoya Ryokan are partitioned or private dining rooms.
  • ・Thororoughly and frequently sanitized facility including chairs, tables, and door knobs
  • ・Sanitized and/or disposable menus cleaned or replaced after each use by guests.
  • ・Individually packed condiments.
  • ・Payment via non-human contact by using a payment tray
  • ・Ryokan policies differ based on venue layout.*Depending on the architecture of the venue, we customize the measures accordingly.
[Photo: Food photo] [Photo: Venue photo]

3) Public Baths

  • ・All public baths are closed at Ishinoya Ryokan. Private hot spring baths are available per guest room.
  • ・Other Ryokan venues offer public baths during scheduled times per guest room, based on safety guidelines per occupancy rate.
[Photo: Hot spring photo]

4) Other measures

  • ・All guest rooms, seminar rooms, and common areas are equipped with ventilated windows for fresh air. They are constantly opened for ventilation, especially in common areas.
  • ・Extra cleaning and sanitization in highly trafficked areas, especially for items with hand-on contact such as door knobs, switches, and TV remote controls.
  • ・Microphone sanitization after every event. Confirmation covers indicate sanitization is complete.
  • ・Hand sanitizers are accesible throughout the facility.・Dishes, utensils, and glasses are sterilized at temperatures over 80C. Food serving trays are sanitized regulary.

Social Distancing Seating
(Maintained at 2 meters apart)

[Photo:Social Distancing Seating] [Photo:Social Distancing Seating] [Photo:Social Distancing Seating]
Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA
[Photo:Social Distancing Seating]Social Distancing Seating
[Photo:Social Distancing Seating]Social Distancing Seating

Example: Virtual Meeting

A Video Conference for a total of 352 attendees in five TKP locations in five different cities.
52 guests spread across five TKP locations in five different cities: 35 in Tokyo, 6 in Sapporo, 12 in Nagoya, 25 in Kansai, 2 in Hiroshima, and 7 in Hakata.
252 guests via mobile devices.

[Photo: Tokyo Main Venue]
[Photo: Satellite venue]
[Photo: Video conferencing system]
[Photo: Mobile viewing]

TKP Social Distancing Measures


TKP Social Distancing Icons:

The health and safety of our guests and staff are our top priority. To improve awareness and prevent the spread of COVID-19, TKP has created XXXX health and safety icons.

  • All venue set-ups are in adherence to physical distancing requirements of one person per four square meters. Additional safety measures include: Daily, deep cleaning of the premises, safety signage displayed for hygiene guidelines, physical distancing, hand washing, gargling, sanitizing, enhanced ventilation, and face mask requirements for all staff and patrons.