Oversea・Travel Related Business

From Japan to the world, and from overseas to Japan,
we are actively expanding our integrated rental conference room business.

TKP Oversea Offices


Since TKP established the first oversea office in Shanghai, China in 2011, we have expanded more offices in Hong Kong, New York, Singapore and Myanmar.
Considering different features of each city and the advantage of TKP brand, we are developing the most suitable services for global guests.
The offices are all located in center business district with ease of access.

TKPの海外拠点 TKP上海人民広場カンファレンスセンター TKP香港カンファレンスセンター 湾仔 TKPニューヨークカンファレンスセンター TKPカンファレンスセンター ミャンマー・ヤンゴン TKPシンガポールCC ラッフルズプレイス

Travel Related Business


TKP takes the first category travel agency license. TKP has a strong hardware and software support advantage for the travel business. There are over 1,300 hotel halls, conference rooms as well as attached hotel and resort facilities. For the soft resources, abundant travel related services and events will definitely leave you an unforgettable impression. We provide solution for the MICE needs of companies, associations and individuals.
There is also a global network with offices opened in 5 oversea cities in the world, supporting package projects and arrangement for guests to go out from Japan to the world.

※MICE:Initials of Meeting, Incentive tour, Convention and Exhibition.

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