Hotel & Resort Business

Hotel for business travel, resort facilities for training and luxurious ryokan.
Bring you a comfortable and peaceful stay.

At TKP Hotel & Resort, you can choose from a luxury ryokan with private cottages and training facilities, as well as a new style business hotel with conference room and event venues, meeting various needs of our clients' and providing each guest with a valuable experience which cannot be gained in daily life.



High class resort facilities with the best environment for business group rental.
The lectores are all located in the best resort areas in Japan. Refresh yourself in abundant nature and have a meaningful meeting and training in our lectores.


Lecotre Atami Koarashi


Lectore Hakone Gora


Lectore Atami Momoyama


Lectore Karuizawa


Business Hotel

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With conference rooms and event venues, it becomes a new style business hotel.

In response to the increasing needs for business, TKP opened an urban hybrid hotel with guest rooms, rental conference rooms as well as restaurants attached.


Luxurious Ryokan


A hideaway for adults with elegant garden. Get away from the bustle of city lifenand relax in this very special space

There are delicate Japanese garden with the size of over 60,000sqft, as well as comfortable famous hot springs.


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